At Carology we specialise in the diagnosis and repair of the cars engine electrical control unit (ECU).

A cars ECU is an electrical unit similar in function to a computer that handles multiple tasks critical to the functionality of your car.

Furthermore, other mechanical and electrical problems you may be facing with your car are logged in the computer and we have the tools to scan the computer for fault codes in all makes and models.

car alternators

At Carology we specialise in the repair, recondition or replacement of the alternator and/or the startermotor.

An alternator is a mechanical component in automobiles that generate the electricity necessary to charge the battery. The energy generated by the alternator powers all the electrical system when the car engine is running.

The starter motor is an electrical motor with the sole purpose of cranking the engine and helping to start the car.

At Carology we specialise in the maintenance, repair, recondition or replacement of all aspects of the cars brake system.

Brakes are essential to the safety of your driving, if they fail it may lead to not being able to stop.Have you had your Brakes checked lately? Call us today for a FREE brakes inspection. Don’t wait until its too late!

Car brake service

Most braking systems feature numerous integral parts working together to ensure your vehicle properly stops. When you press the brake pedal, the master cylinder releases brake fluid, sending hydraulic pressure through brake lines and activating your vehicle’s brake pads (or shoes). These pads make contact with spinning rotors (or drums) to slow down or stop your vehicle. Other systems use sensors to activate the brake system, but the end result is the same.

The parts in your brake system wear down over time and eventually need to be replaced. Replacing brake pads is the most common brake repair, because the pads erode each time you press the brake pedal. If the pads wear down too much without being replaced, the pads’ metal housing will make contact with the metal rotors, creating safety issues and potentially leading to rotor replacement too.

Time for a brake service?

Know the warning signs before your brakes reach the point of major problems. Use your senses — hearing, sight and touch — to alert you to potential issues. Here are some common signs to watch for:

• Brake warning light comes on while driving

• Brake fluid is low and/or appears dirty

• Grinding or squealing sounds when pressing the brake pedal

• Feeling a pulsation or “sponginess” when pressing the brake pedal

• Your vehicle steers or pulls to one side while braking

If you notice any of these signs — or any other out of the ordinary sights, sounds or sensations in the brake system — make an appointment immediately. Ignoring brake system problems usually makes things worse in the long run. It’s always better to be safe than sorry.

We know your brakes

Our technicians are trained to service today’s complex brake systems. We’ll inspect your vehicle’s brake system to make sure it’s working right, diagnose any problem and offer suggestions and an estimate for repair.

We provide full repair service for all your braking needs:

• Brake pad replacement

• Rotor service

• Brake cylinders replacement

• Anti-Lock Brake System service

Rest assured, our services are guaranteed to eliminate brake squeak. Plus, we can perform routine maintenance as suggested by your vehicle’s manufacturer. This usually means a brake system flush, removing the air and moisture from brake lines and replacing brake fluid.

Whatever your braking system needs, we’ll deliver the service to help ensure everything works right. Trust Wheel Works to take care of your vehicle’s brake service maintenance and repairs.

Key Components

• Ball joints

• Bushing

• Sway bar links

• Center links

• Idler arms/pitman arms

• Rack and pinion units

• Tie rod ends/sleeves

• CV joints/boots

• CV axle half shafts

• Shock absorbers

• MacPherson struts/cartridges

At Carology we specialise in the repair, recondition or replacement of the cars clutch and components.

A cars clutch is a mechanical buffer that transfers power from the engine (when changing gears) to the gearbox and drive shaft.

A clutch has many components and some are perishable and sometimes requires to be replaced.

At Carology we specialise in log book servicing that does not void warranty and adheres to the manufacturers maintenance schedule.

A cars log book service schedule is pre determined by the manufacturer and is necessary to adhere to in order to maintain factory warranty.

We offer services that are recognised by all manufacturers as complying for potential warranty claims.

Carology offers roadside assistance and towing services.

If your car breaks down and you need it to be towed, call us and we will handle the coordination to get the car towed to us.

Once your car is at our workshop, our expert carologists specialise in a number of different car services.

We can even arrange to drop the car back to you for added convenience.

Customer entitled to 2 (two) call outs per membership (6 month period)Free 24 hour 7 day roadside assistance Australia wide coverFlat Battery- Jump Start

Battery replacement Service (Battery at members Cost)

Emergency Fuel (Fuel at members cost)

Towing/Roadside up to a distance of 50k’s metro/ country (round trip)

Flat Tyre (replaced with membersserviceable spare)

Lockouts- in the event of a lock out we will cover up to $70.00 inc GST.

At Carology we specialise in the repair, recondition or replacement of the cars exhaust system.

A cars exhaust is responsible for emitting gasses from the engine during combustion.

On occasion rust among other factors can contribute to the deterioration of an exhaust system, particular the internal cat converter and can effect performance as well as cause an increase in pollutants contribution.

At Carology we specialise in the maintenance or repair of the of the cars wheel alignments and balances

A wheel alignment consists of adjusting the angles of wheels so that they are parallel to each other and perpendicular to the ground. The purpose of these adjustments is to reduce unnecessary and inconsistent tyre ware as well as to make the vehicle travel in a straight line and not pull to either side.

Come down to Carology and we can help you see if your car needs a wheel alignment or balance.

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