Carology is an Authorised inspection station and can help you with the renewal of your cars registration.

Annual safety inspections are mandatory for vehicles over 5 years of age. For more information please check out pink slips or pink slips .

Registering your car is easy, just make a booking with us, we will inspect your car and send an electronic copy for you to update your registration at the.

Pink Slip

It is a type of safety inspection report that testifies the roadworthiness of your vehicle. Any vehicle which has been used for three or more years requires a safety inspection. This is a strict condition for registration renewal. To obtain a pink slip, your vehicle will have to undergo inspection at an Authorised Inspection Station (AIS).

E-Safety Check

This type of Pink Slip is sent to RTA electronically. With this process, you can renew registration over the phone or online. But you must visit an e-Safety Check Inspection Station and get the required checks done in order to utilise this option.

White Slip

It is a type of rejection slip that comes with the inspection report. The report mentions the kind of repairs required to make the vehicle roadworthy. You have to send the vehicle for re-inspection after due repairs have been completed. If everything is in place, the vehicle will receive either a pink or blue slip.